Because there aren’t enough blind badasses on this blog yet (note the sarcasm- I think about half of the posts so far have been about blind dudes), meet Lazer Pony (also know as Troy Popcorn) from League of Super Redundant Heroes.

Okay, as far as badasses, go, Lazer Pony is one of the least badass heroes in LoSRH. Which is really saying something, considering how un-badass just about everyone is in this webcomic.

Still, Lazer Pony is a superhero… who can SHOOT LASERS out of his EYES. Unfortunately, lasers and eyes don’t mix so well. (He even qualifies for the Superhuman disability employment grant!)

LoSRH is a fun webcomic, and the fact that Lazer Pony can’t catch a break is basically the best part.